20% of the variables tend to bring 80% of the results

This was the conclusion reached by Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian political scientist, sociologist and economist.

Pareto’s principle says that almost everything tends to balance itself in 20 percent of options that produce 80 percent of the results.

In a home, the electric shower and the refrigerator are responsible for 80 percent of household expenses, even though 20 percent of appliances are plugged in.

On facebook, we spend 80% of the time with the feed and the chat, even though these are about 20% of the options that the network offers. (that was a guess)

The question is to invest as much energy as possible in the 20 percent that work best, and optimize the other 80 percent to row in favor.
In life.

What are the 20 percent that matter most to you?

Jossuha Theophile